When Women were Birds

Thank you for joining us as we remember the story, when women were birds.  


Section 1: Taking Flight at Night

Wander through the barnyard, chose your own adventure, explore the individual stories and memories of flight, fall, and nest.  Stay with each installation as long as you like.  Gather at the hay barn when you hear the bell chime. 

Nicole Dance-37.jpg

Barn Roof

Our greatest freedom was in taking flight at night, when we could steal the heavenly darkness for ourselves...

Inner Silo

How I lost the sky, Poem by Toby MacNutt



And I dreamed I was flying

Section 2: Tell me the Story again... 

The audience gathers around the performers in the hay barn as they remember the story of When Women Were Birds.  Original music by Liana Nuse weaves through the text.  Excerpts from Terry Tempest Williams, Deleuze and Guattari, Rumi, and original text from the dancers.

Section 3: Into the Wind

Pause between the greenhouses to watch dancer Hanna Satterlee press into the wind.  She is joined by dancers Liesje Smith and Mireya Guerra.

Section 4: Raw Come to Ripen

Interact with the dancers in the garden; play with proximity and intimacy as duets explore becoming and unbecoming (animal).  What is embodiment?  How do you fully inhabit yourself?  How does the touch of other bring you deeper into self?  

Section 5: An Old Woolen Sweater

How do we process loss?  How do we recall memory?  Dancers Toby MacNutt and Cheri Skurdall explore two different versions of this fall from flight.  Watch both sides of the wall.

Section 6: Murmuration

Watch the large group flock, when bird, when women?  How does it change as it moves away, do you try to follow?  Follow the direction of the flock and gather on blankets within the poplar grove to share in farm veggies, Halyard Ginger Beer, and delicious dessert.  




Thank you!

Thank you to the performers, collaborators, and audience, for your investment in this work!  A special shout out to the following businesses for their creativity and support:

Bread and Butter Farms

Blank Slate Cafe

Dark Star Lighting

Halyard Brewing Co.

Mark Collier Photography


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