As the director of Murmurations Dance, I am excited to be creating work in my home state of Vermont.  I strive to create work that is relevant and engaging to a broad community.  I collaborate with artists of many disciplines and try to compensate all artists for their skill and effort.  Grants are sought to support the artist work but are time intensive and unpredictable.  Personal donations enable more time to be spent making the work itself!  For example, a generous gift of $3,000 by the Triangle Foundation in Chapel Hill, NC paid for a weekend performance of Birthing Bodies, paying all dancers, musicians, poets, and technical staff for their valuable work, while keeping ticket costs low for a variety of audience members.  A donation of $50 pays one dancer for one performance, a donation of $100 might pay for several new costumes or the commissioning of a piece of music.  Your support, in any amount, makes a huge difference to our company!

Thank you so much!

Nicole Dagesse

Artistic Director, Murmurations Dance